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Mid-Rise Six Story Wood Construction Requirements:

  • a factory built lightweight yet robust floor cassette system that can be hoisted just like other highrise floor systems

  • a floor system that facilitates easy rough-ins for all associated trades and services
  • a floor system that can help abbreviate the construction schedule
  • a floor system that can be pre-engineered and detailed for factory precision and for onsite speed of installation

ULTRA Joist - a proven new and innovative engineered wood floor system with passive fire resistance during the course of construction and beyond!

ULTRAJoist by Intelligent Wood Systems:

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North American Agent for IWS:

Edmond Lim, P.Eng.

LimTek Solutions Inc.

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Detail and Design ULTRAJoist to significantly reduce your project build time

ULTRAJoist - A strong lightweight floor system Engineered for Mid-Rise (6 storey) Construction:

How to Create a 40ft long 2x10 Structurally Finger Joined ULTRAJoist:.

CNC Machined

Engineered solid sawn lumber by structurally finger joining high quality pieces of lumber and then planing the engineered joist to precise dimensions which virtually eliminates shrinkage.

Ease of rough-ins by designing and detailing services using CNC machines fed directly from CAD files

ULTRAjoist lumber is kiln dried to 14% moisture content.  Then treatment for flame retardant and moisture repellant is applied using a double vacuum, low pressure treatment process that treats all six (6) faces of each piece of lumber at once.

Value Engineered

Vacuum Tanks


IWS Research, development and support by:

  • Super Dry, Stay Dry, Dimensionally Stable Lumber (pre-shrunk with moisture repellant)
  • Flame Retardant Resistance via low pressure vacuum tank treatment process
  • Precision Engineered and CNC Machined Solid Sawn Lumber detailing